Event Description

Event Description

National Heritage Day is a South African public holiday on 24 September and for the past decade the National Braai Day initiative has called on all South Africans to use this day to unite around fires, share our heritage and wave the South African flag. At its core, this initiative is about nation building and fostering social cohesion.

In 2014 the man behind of the National Braai Day initiative Jan Braai, established the National Braai Tour (#Braaitour), an expressive call-to-action that acts as the build up to National Braai Day.

This week-long event takes proud and patriotic South Africans on a tour through South Africa. We visit classic South African campsites, travel on well known routes and visit significant South African heritage sites and landmarks.

The event is filmed and photographed and constantly shared on social media. National print, TV, and radio media are invited to travel with during the week and share their experiences.

The aim of #Braaitour is to spread the message and ideals of having our great nation unite around fires, share our heritage and embrace each other as fellow South Africans. Furthermore we also want to create awareness around flag pride.

#Braaitour 2020
After the success and global appeal of #Braaitour since 2014, we are very excited and looking forward to the seventh edition in 2020. During the week, participants will join us to visit heritage sites, we'll unite around fires, braai as much as possible and wave the South African flag everywhere we go.

There is a huge public demand for entries and participation in the tour and we literally have had 100s of emails and social media requests over the past few months from interested parties.

The 2020 tour will feature 60 teams of four people per team. Due to limited space at the various campsites, we will unfortunately not be able to accommodate more than the 60 teams including all the interested parties, both old and new.

More Detail

Below you’ll find the information you will need to enjoy the best week of braai in 2020.
Entries for 2020 are still open and the final few left will be sold on a first come, first served basis. As many of you know, space is limited and entries in high demand. If you wish to take part, read the below carefully and enter as soon as possible by sending an email to pieter@braai.com

The dates - Saturday 5 September to Friday 11 September 2020
The 2020 National Braai Tour will start in Cape Town on Saturday 5 September. Assume you have to be in Cape Town by early morning . 

What your entry fee includes:
The National Braai Tour is a self drive and camping holiday where pretty much everything but your teammates, vehicle, fuel and basic camping equipment is provided.

We give you:
  • Breakfast, lunch and supper each day of the Braai Tour
  • Beer and wine for the duration of the Braai Tour
  • Spirits and mixers on select bar nights
  • Music performances on select bar nights
  • Free barista coffee each morning made by our world famous travelling coffee crew
  • All campsite and other entrance fees
On top of all of the above, your National Braai Tour team will also receive:
  • #Braaitour clothing
  • #Braaitour goods you'll need to prepare your food 
  • Firewood will be provided to you on a daily basis ahead of each braai

What you need to pack: 

(This list is not extensive and everything is optional but we suggest you consider packing the following things)
Tent(s) that sleep(s) your team of four, Lock for tent (very optional), Camping mattresses, Camping chair (very optional), Sleeping bags, Toiletries, Medicines*, Sun cream, Mosquito repellant, Torch, Towel, Clothes (enough warm items, we’re often camping next to water so it will get cold), Shoes, Sunglasses, Car charger for your cell phone, Campsite plug adaptor, Electric lead, Multi plug. All braai, catering and culinary equipment is provided to you and is yours to keep after the tour.

We look forward to welcoming you at the 2020 National Braai Tour